Free Webinar – Feb 23, 11AM Syd/Mel Time

Well we ended 2021 filled with hope for a better year. That didn’t really work out that well did it? After two years of never ending COVID related challenges, that will linger regardless of the changes to the various restrictions, it’s time to get on with business. But a lot has changed in these two years and that’s what I’d like to share on this webinar, along with my very specific strategies for doing business in yet another crazy year.In this webinar I’m going to share –

– The one thing we need to take into consideration with everything we are doing.

– The big opportunity that exists in 2022 – that few businesses will take advantage of.

– A number of aspects to our business that we need to rethink this year.

– The stories we need to rewrite and reshare.

– Moving from cross industry innovation to cross industry inspiration.

All in all, I’ll be sharing 7 key strategies that apply to small business and big business alike. As Australia’s #1 small business author, I feel very strongly about the strategies I’m going to be sharing. In fact I think that those businesses that truly embrace them will have a huge competitive advantage in the years ahead.

So please tune in. This webinar is free. There is nothing being sold. It’s a 100% inspired event to help you get your business on the right path as 2022 evolves.…/reg…/WN_VrIpVnF_Qe-2NQSUrufNZA



PS If you’d like the recording of this webinar please register. Everyone who registers will automatically be sent a link to the recording.

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