If you want people to actually read what you write – watch this TED talk.

If you write ANYTHING – and you want people to actually read it – watch this 15 minute TED talk.

Now based on what Jim Vanderhei says, most people won’t watch this TED talk – even if their job depended on it. I watched at 3.50am this morning – and it is going to change so much of what I do!

To find out how to actually get people to read what it is you write, we need to know what the data tells us – and rethink how much we are trying to say. This is fascinating – and really important.

There are some valuable key point learnings in here – and a great “HOW TO” section at the end. And the book, Smart Brevity: The Power of Saying More with Less, comes out in September 2022. Mine is ordered.


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