This might sound strange, but a lot of authors really struggle with calling themselves authors, and promoting their book. Don’t worry, I totally understand, I’ve been there. It took me quite a few books before I was actually ready to call myself an author, and even then it was with great prompting from my publisher at the time.

The reality is that books don’t sell themselves, they need to be promoted, talked about and marketed. As authors we have to look for any opportunity to shamelessly promote ourselves, and of course I say that tongue in cheek, but not 100% in cheek.

I always find it easier to promote my books via Amazon or Booktopia. I’m not overly concerned about royalties – I want my books to be out there, being bought and read – and ideally my happy readers then reach out to me and decide they want to get further training or coaching with me.

There’s something a little easier about directing people to Amazon or a third party site. It’s almost like an endorsement by someone else. Because as misguided as it may be, most people think that if your book is on Amazon it’s a real book. Nothing could be further from the truth, but there you go.

So in the spirit of this, here is my latest book on Amazon. It’s available on every Amazon on the planet. If you buy a copy, please do me a giant favour and leave a review – these are really important to us authors.

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Someone has to be the most expensive why not make it you?

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