Having Written 14 Bestselling Books, Sold In 65 Countries, I Have A Great Deal Of Experience And Knowledge To Share.

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Andrew Griffiths

If You’re Serious About Writing A World Class Book, You Need To Work With The Best

I’ve been writing books for a long time now, well over 25 years. In that time I’ve written and published 14 books, many of which have been translated into different languages and sold in over 65 countries.

I’ve been extremely fortunate to have had my books published by two extraordinary publishers, Allen & Unwin and Simon & Schuster. Very few authors in Australia can attest to having such a long and prolific publishing history, especially in the non fiction space (and I’m currently working on three more books for publication in the next few years).

Today, I have moved into the self publishing realm, but I still have strong relationships with publishers, book wholesalers and retailers. Whilst I absolutely love books and everything about them, I’m a commercial writer. This means I write to make money, it’s not a hobby for me. This is why I’ve become world renowned for my ability to leverage my books to build my business, to create opportunities and to build a global profile.

I write mainly about business and I’m referred to as an Entrepreneurial Futurist. Since becoming a bestselling author I’ve shared my views on doing business in over 25 countries at events, conferences and in media appearances. I’ve worked with over 500 organisations in this time, including the likes of CBS, Hewlett Packard, The European Union and Hertz.

Before I started writing books, I did a lot of other things. I was a commercial diver, I ran my own dive shop, I sold encyclopaedias door to door, I taught bush survival skills, I worked in tourism and I had my own advertising and marketing consultancy. That’s the short version, but I’m pretty sure you get the drift.

One of the things I’m really proud of is helping hundreds of people to write and publish their first book. For many of these new authors this experience was life changing as they saw the impact that writing a book could have on them both professionally and personally.

That’s me in a snapshot. I hope I get the opportunity to work with you to help bring your book to life.

Someone Has To Be The Most Expensive Why Not Make It You?

Someone Has To Be The Most Expensive

Something about the title of this book may have really hit a nerve for you. I’m guessing you’ve been in business for a while, perhaps a long while, and you’ve reached a stage where you feel like you’re working really hard but not achieving what you want to achieve. Specifically, you might not be earning what you want out of your business, and it seems that no matter what you try, nothing really changes. This is a book about putting an end to that, once and for all.

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The Big Book of Small Business

The Big Book of Small Business

In ‘the age of the entrepreneur’ more people than ever before are starting new businesses and competition is increasing at unprecedented rates, it’s an incredibly exciting time to be in business. This book identifies new opportunities for smaller business operators to grow their business fast, and explains how an entrepreneurial attitude can improve every aspect of a business, and give them the competitive edge that sets them apart from the pack.

The Me Myth

The Me Myth

“Me, me, me!” it’s the battle cry of the modern world. These days many of us feel overwhelmed and bombarded from every direction with messages encouraging us to concentrate on ourselves to find this elusive idea of inner peace and fulfilment. But it is this very focus that is stopping us from achieving the rich and rewarding life that we all crave. This book is all about breaking away from the limiting belief that the world revolves around you, you will be amazed at the energy and inspiration you’ll find once you do.

You Can Get My Book Here, Right Now

Business Over Breakfast

Business Over Breakfast

There has never been a period of greater opportunity or one that is more challenging for business owners, than right here, right now. To help navigate these incredible times, two of Australia’s leading minds, Bree James and Andrew Griffiths, have teamed up to ask the big questions and in fact to turn them into conversations that can be had over breakfast. The aim is to make your breakfast the most valuable time of your day. One hundred ideas, over one hundred breakfasts – and a great deal can change.

Bullet-proof Your Business Now

Bulletproof Your Business NOW

In 30 odd years as an entrepreneur I have been through plenty of trial and error and endured some pretty significant changes to the economic landscape. In this book I tell you how I survived the hard times by adopting some fundamental philosophies that changed my life and in turn, the way I run my own businesses. I wrote this book to inspire people to step up, motivate them to take action and fight for their business when times are tough.

101 Ways To Sell More Of Anything To Anyone

101 Ways to Sell More of Anything to Anyone

When was the last time you were impressed with the level of service you received? Customers want and demand better service – and that means better sales skills. This book will help anyone improve their sales skills. But rather than gimmicky ideas, slick sales spiels or fast-talking techniques to fleece customers, this is all about the solid values of selling with integrity and authenticity, which are more important now than ever before.

101 Secrets to Building A Winning Business

101 Secrets to Building a Winning Business

Why do some businesses struggle or even go under, whilse others go from strength to strength?
Generally it has nothing to do with what you‘re selling, it‘s more about how you run your business. This book suggests a range of actions that will turn your bright idea into a winning and money making business. These proven strategies are easy to implement, get results fast and most importantly – they won‘t break the bank.

101 Ways To Really Satisfy Your Customers

101 Ways to Really Satisfy Your Customers

Modern consumers are more demanding and more informed than ever before. They are aware that they have choices and that there is considerable competition for their business. Costs can only go so low, so there is a limit to reducing prices as a competitive tool. This leaves one area for modern businesses to outshine their competitors, and that is customer service. This book provides a greater insight into understanding and identifying what customers expect, and details simple suggestions that will enable all businesses to exceed these expectations and reap the rewards.

101 Ways To Boost Your Business

101 Ways to Really Boost Your Business

Running a business is difficult and demanding at the best of times. The trick to surviving is avoiding the common hazards that all business operators face along the way. These practical tips will show you how you can successfully navigate your way through these hazards and help your business to reach its full potential.

101 Ways to Have A Business And A Life

101 Ways to Have a Business and a Life

Is your business all consuming? Have you forgotten what it’s like to have a life? This book provides simple, practical and easy to implement ideas that will help you to identify the main reasons behind this lack of balance and most importantly, what to do about them. Thousands of business owners around the world have been consulted in the writing of this book, and their experiences, tips and coping mechanisms will get even the most out of control business owner back on track. Amazingly, all of the tips can be implemented quickly and with little or no cost!

101 Ways to Market Your Business

101 Ways to Market Your Business

This book is chock full of ideas to help you find new customers, increase the loyalty of the customers you already have, create great promotional material and make your business stand out from the crowd. These tried and tested ideas are innovative, simple, affordable and quick — many of them take less than 30 minutes to implement and will bring you fast results.

101 Ways to Advertise Your Business

101 Ways to Advertise Your Business

Read this book before you spend another cent on advertising. You will learn what makes one
advertisement work while another fails, and it could save you a small fortune. You will receive step-by-step advice on how to make an advertisement, how to buy advertising space and how to make sure that your advertisement is working to its full potential. The strategies relate to advertising in newspapers, magazines, on the radio, television, the internet, outdoor signs and every other conceivable type of media.


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Andrew Griffiths is an Australian small business author and has written 14 books which have been sold in over 65 countries globally. He has been published by Allen & Unwin and Simon & Schuster and now he works closely with Publish Central. Andrew’s books have been translated into 12 languages, from Russian to Chinese and he has worked with hundreds of organisations around the world teaching, training and presenting on all things entrepreneurial.