Some of the Authors I’ve Worked With


Most People Simply Don’t Know Where To Start

Over the past 10 years I’ve worked with new authors around the world. These are people who know they want to write a book, generally to grow their business or to build their personal brand, but they simply don’t know where to start. That’s where I help out.

I’ve developed an extensive range of frameworks, processes, exercises and techniques to help first time authors to get clear on their book idea, develop their book plan, write the book, publish the book and then leverage it. And because of this, I have been able to help people from every industry imaginable to write and publish their own world class books.

What’s important to me is that my authors write great books. Books that I would consider to be world class. So I push hard and challenge my authors to create their best work. And it’s not about being a great writer. I wasn’t when I started. It’s about having something of value to share with others and being able to extract and format this information and put it together in a way that others can learn from and apply in their own business and life.

One of the greatest rewards for me is to see the results that my authors achieve by leveraging their books. The better quality the book the more powerful it will be as a marketing tool. I spend a lot of time helping my authors to learn how to make the most of the book they create through their book leveraging activity post publishing.

Many of my authors have gone on to write their second, third and even fourth books. They can do this because of my frameworks and processes that are designed to teach people to be able to replicate a high quality book writing and publishing process.

I think the greatest evidence that I get results that let me proudly hold the title of Australia’s #1 book writing coach can be found in the 850 plus people who I’ve worked with. My author coaching business is entirely word of mouth. I encourage you to reach out and ask any of the authors featured who for feedback about working with me and see what they have to say. I let my results speak for themselves.