To Publish A World Class Book You Need To Work With A World Class Publisher.

Every author needs a quality publisher in their corner.


“The authors that come to us from Andrew Griffiths always have excellent manuscripts and they are really well prepared, with a head start in the publishing process.”

Michael Hanrahan

Founder, Publish Central

My Publisher Of Choice Is Publish Central. They Offer Every Service From Comprehensive Editing To Navigating Amazon.

When it comes to publishing your book, I work very closely with the Publish Central team. They are easily one of the leading custom publishing houses in Australia.

Over the years I’ve recommended Publish Central to many of my new authors for editing, cover design, internal layout, printing, bookshop distribution, Amazon and other ebook services and pretty much everything else you could think of when it comes to publishing a book. They consistently deliver on every single project. 

If you’re ready to start talking about the publishing side of your book project, please feel free to contact Publish Central in the form below. Michael and his team are extremely responsive. They will get back to you straight away to set up a time to talk and start planning your publishing process.

I’ve Helped Almost 1000 Authors To Write And Publish Their First Book.

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