"I help people of substance
to write books of substance"



Hello there, my name is Andrew Griffiths, I’m an international bestselling author. I’ve been writing books for almost 25 years. In that time I’ve written 14 books that have been sold in over 65 countries. I’ve been published by leading publishers, Allen & Unwin and Simon & Schuster and in recent years, I’ve embraced self publishing, working closely with Publish Central.

Just about every day someone comes up to me and to say that they want to write a book. I’m often amazed at just how many people want to write a book, but the big problem is they simply don’t know where to start. And in reality, the book writing and publishing process is a complex one, where it’s easy to make mistakes. In other words you need a great guide, and that’s where I come into the picture.

In the past 10 years I’ve personally coached and mentored well over 900 people to write and publish their first book (and I’m very proud to say that some have written two, three, four and even five books with my coaching). I’ve worked with authors from virtually every industry sector who have written books on just about every topic imaginable. I’ve developed unique frameworks, models and processes for new and aspiring authors that help them not just write a good book but write a world class book. I’ve taught book writing and publishing programmes in the UK, Singapore, Bali and throughout Australia.

A few years back I started to run 4 day Author Academy retreats. The concept was to take a group of new authors to a beautiful location and help them map out their books in detail and get them one hundred percent ready to write. I ran my first few Author Academy retreats in Bali and they were very successful. The people attending the retreat loved the immersion concept and I loved teaching in this environment. We had the time for deeper discussions, one on one coaching and workshopping of everyone’s book concept, structure and overall plan. And of course, this has translated in virtually every author doing the retreat writing and publishing their book.

I’ve run these retreats in Bali, Cairns, Inverloch – and now Hobart. The main aim is to help you get clear on your book idea, develop your book plan and give you the skills and knowledge to be able to write your book.

AUTHOR ACADEMY is exclusively for aspiring authors who are ready to write their first non-fiction book. It’s going to be an energetic, informative and engaging few days where you will learn a great deal about the book writing and the book publishing worlds. The group size will be kept at 15 or below, so spaces are limited. All of the information you need to know about AUTHOR ACADEMY can be found below.

Andrew Griffiths


AUTHOR ACADEMY is designed for two types of people – those who are ready to write their first non-ficion book who want a structured process to follow, one on one mentoring as well as group learning and a peer group for support – and that’s exactly what you get at this retreat. The second kind of author are those who have written a book in the past, but didn’t really have a structure to follow – now they want to write another book and they want to do it in a more strategic and structured way.

Regardless of what kind of author you are, you don’t need to be absolutely clear on what your book will be about, we spend a lot of time getting that crystal clear during the retreat.


AUTHOR ACADEMY will be held at the famous and perfectly positioned Hotel Grand Chancellor in Hobart. This is an iconic hotel, literally on the waterfront and close to the major attractions that make Hobart such a great city to visit. And the old feeling of the waterfront, the boats, the restaurants and cafes – all make this a perfect venue for an Author Academy.


The retreat runs on the following days and times:

Thursday 21st November 8:30am – 4:00pm

Friday 22nd November 8:30am – 4:00pm (we have a group dinner on Friday night at DaAngelos in Battery Point).

Saturday 23rd November 10:30am – 4:00pm (we start later on Saturday so that everyone can visit the Salamanca Markets).

Sunday 24th November 8:30am – 4:00pm


At the Hotel Grand Chancellor there are two room types to choose from, the City Side and the Harbour View. If you can I’d suggest getting the Harbour View – the views over Constitution Dock and the Hobart Waterfront overall are stunning. The hotel has set up a special booking page for my events with set rates. Follow the link here for more information – Hotel Grand Chancellor Hobart . Alternatively you can email directly at bookings@hgchobart.com.au.

Other Accommodation Options – Hobart is a stylish city and a popular tourist destination. There is no shortage of quality hotels as well as Air BnB accommodation options. I’m sure that if you are looking for something specific, you’ll find it. Just check on the location to make sure it’s nice and close to the Hotel Grand Chancellor. And be aware that Hobart has become a busy city at certain times of the year, so don’t leave booking any accommodation to the last minute. Here are some other hotel options within 10 minutes walk of the event venue:


Hobart is my favourite city in Australia. It has everything that you’d expect in a significant city of its size, but it is also the perfect place to wander and explore and visit many of the attractions in the city and close by. I’d strongly suggest taking a few extra days either before the retreat starts or after the retreat ends to take a look around. And if you do it after the retreat, perhaps you can spend a few days working on your book.


We will be packing a lot into the 4 days. This is the planned content that we will be covering (but it might change a little here and there, and rest assured, there will be lots of other information exchanged as part of the programme).


So you want to write a book?

Where do people go wrong?

What does it take to write a great book?

This will be the best personal development programme you will ever do.

What can it do for you if you get it right?

What’s your big why?

Who is your author hero and why?

What makes a great book?

Writing style and writing voice.


What is it?

Why do we need it?

The aim is for you to leave at the end of the week with your book mapped out, the contents page clear, all chapters mapped out and the introduction written.

THE 3 STEP PROCESS: Plan your book, download your first draft, refine and make it great.

What are the elements of the “BOOK PLAN” that we need to work on?


Why you need to be absolutely clear on who you are writing your book for.

The key to capturing your market.

Start with common ground.

Share common experiences.


Working with publishers.

The self publishing option.

The steps required to publish your book and the key things to consider.

The costs associated with self publishing.

I’ll also share publishing contacts with you.


Book structure- we need to map it out.

The contents page is the backbone of the book.

Map out your chapter content.


Why stories are so important?

What kind of stories do we need to tell?

What are anecdotes?

What if you feel like you don’t have a lot of stories to share?

Where can you find more stories and anecdotes?

Interviewing others for your book.


Getting ready to write.

How to approach writing your first manuscript – tips and tricks from the professionals.

Getting that first draft done.

Overcoming blocks.

What do you do when you finish your draft.


The power of frameworks.


Internal layout.

A book really is judged by its cover.


The power of frameworks.


Internal layout.

A book really is judged by its cover.


Writing and publishing the book is the start, what comes next?

Where authors go wrong with book leveraging.

Advice from someone who has been leveraging their books for 25 years.

The leveraging starts now.


What are your key learnings from the past 4 days?

Are you ready to go and write?

How is your Book Plan looking?

What have we covered?


As a major bonus for everyone attending, Michael Hanrahan is going to be joining us for the retreat. There are very few people who know as much about the world of publishing as Michael – that’s why I use his company to publish my books. Michael will be talking about the publishing process and he will be there every day to help you with things like titles, book structure, ideal reader, the writing process and anything else book-related.


The retreat fee is $3495.00. I’m only making room for 15 people at this event, to ensure we all get to spend some one on one time together over the 4 days (please note this does not include accommodation or airfares).

CLICK HERE to book your spot at the retreat now. Payment can be made by credit card or PayPal and an invoice will automatically be issued. Once it is full, I will be closing the bookings, so don’t delay.


If you don’t get absolute value out of this retreat, and by this I mean all of the knowledge and expertise you could possibly need to write and publish your book, I will give you your money back.


A few weeks before the event I’ll add you to the pre-event information platform which contains a few more details – what to bring, pre-work, any changes to the agenda etc. Don’t worry, I’ll let you know as soon as that is ready to go.


If this sounds exactly like the kind of retreat you would like to do to get that book out of your head and turn it into a reality – CLICK HERE to book your spot at the retreat now. Please make a point of asking around, doing some online research or whatever you need to do, to get a feel for who I am and what I offer. I’ve got literally hundreds of testimonials from people I’ve helped to write books – and they will all say my goal is not to just help you write a book but to help you write a world class, exceptional book that you can use to leverage your profile, grow your business and diversify your income opportunities.

Please don’t hesitate to drop me a line if you’d like to ask any further questions (ag@andrewgriffiths.com.au).


Andrew Griffiths

PS Scroll down if you’d like to read through some of the testimonials from people I’ve coached to write their book.


“Never in my wildest dreams did I envision being an Author, let alone have multiple Amazon Best Sellers to my name. Equally, I was not expecting to build a business off the back of those books with a global client base and a team spanning 5 countries. Thank you Andrew Griffiths, your guidance through my writing journey is evident across every page.”
— Adam Houlahan

“I didn’t imagine in a million years I could write a book however here it is and I’m so proud. Andrew patiently taught me the importance of a good plan before starting, then how to map out my content. After confirming I was on task to start Andrew mentored and encouraged me throughout the process of writing. There is so much more to creating a book and Andrew provides all the learnings and support. Thank you sincerely Andrew and I’m excited to be starting on my next book.”
— Alison McGrath

“Andrew is a gifted teacher and mentor who’s committed to sharing his professional knowledge as a best selling author himself. His brilliant ‘writing frameworks’ have improved my writing style in every way. Not only in yielding a better book but has also strengthened my blogs, articles and presentations. Encouraging your unique voice through his program, Andrew helps you to produce a quality, world-class book that connects and moves people.”
— Amy Roche

“Andrew has shaped and guided my author journey in countless ways. Learning from him the nuts and bolts of planning, researching, writing, publishing and promoting a great book was only the starting point. He’s been a great influence on how I think today, what I do for work, who I know, and how I engage with people – for which I’m eternally grateful.”
— Anetta Pizag

“I had the pleasure of being mentored by Andrew during the writing process of my book. Without Andrew’s wonderful words of wisdom and encouragement I am not sure I would have published my book. The funny thing is I work in publishing and help people every day with their books but it was a completely different story writing my own, the fear and self-doubt would often creep in. Andrew’s no nonsense approach and his genuinely caring words helped me write and publish within six months. If you are thinking of writing I can’t recommend Andrew highly enough.”
—Ann Wilson

“Becoming an author has literally been just a dream. With the structure, accountability and support Andrew gives you to become an author, it makes a seemingly impossible task much more achievable. And the doors that being an author opens are incredible. Thanks AG!”
— Ben Walker

“Andrew’s practical information and ‘can do’ breed of encouragement were the engine fuel I needed to output my first book ‘You CAN Run Pain Free!’, now in its second ‘Revised & Expanded Edition’. Andrew has the unique gift of making you feel like you ‘can’ and giving you perspective as to why the world needs your voice. My book has gone onto become legitimate best seller in the running book space, and I recently signed a deal for the book to be translated and distributed in China. Thank you Andrew!”

— Brad Beer

“Andrew Griffiths is undoubtedly the world’s leading book writing mentor taking you from idea to information, inspiration and implementation to award winning life changing book – if it wasn’t for Andrew my book wouldn’t exist nor would it have received the accolades it has enjoyed.”
— Bushy Martin

“Without Andrew Griffiths, I honestly don’t think I would have had the confidence to write and publish my book. He is an incredible mentor. His generosity in sharing his knowledge and his encouragement during the process was more valuable than I could have ever imagined.”
— Carolyn Butler-Madden

“Andrew is an energetic, entertaining and generous teacher and mentor for anyone who is serious about writing a book. I have attended a four-day Masterclass he ran in addition to an initial one-day workshop with follow up tuition and web-based support. Andrew guides newcomers and experienced writers alike in every step of what it takes to write and prepare a book for publication. Even though I already had a book publisher and professional editor assigned before I started writing a book on synchronicity, it was Andrew’s active guidance in breaking the daunting task down into understandable steps that really got me started. His encouragement counts all the more because you know he is genuine in his desire to help you create the best book you possibly can, without getting too caught up in the detail. I have gladly and confidently recommended Andrew to friends and others who I know are interested in writing a book.”
— Chris Mackay

“The mentoring spirit and expertise that Andrew Griffiths so willingly shares has enabled me to discover my passion for writing, encouraging me to dig deep and discover my true purpose – my ‘why’.
Through writing, we can discover our true selves and share our insights with the world.  Everyone has a story to tell and a book in them worth writing. With Andrew’s wisdom and guidance, he makes the task of writing a book easy to approach. His enthusiasm and generosity makes the process an enjoyable one.”
— Clare Voitin

“I wish to thank you for all you have taught me in my business. The knowledge and wisdom you have imparted upon me have been of immense help and support throughout my journey into self-publishing and to the establishment of myself as a Key Person of Influence in the marine industry. I believe my success which includes; summer presenter on radio 3AW, keynote speaker at boat shows an expert commentator for the marine industry is directly due to your support and mentorship.You have been an exceptional teacher, mentor and a great inspirational role model.”
— Darren Finklestein

“Andrew’s mentoring has changed my life. Without Andrew’s guidance, support and sage advice I would never have been able to write a book I am truly proud of. There were times I thought I’d never get there and Andrew patiently worked through my blockages and helped me all the way from beginning to end. Thank you Andrew!”
— Debra Anderson

“Andrew has been so instrumental in how I have evolved and developed over the years, in my personal goals of writing a book, as well as how to apply this into the business world. Not a moment goes by that I don’t think of how fortunate I have been, having crossed path’s so many years ago. Andrew has made a remarkable and lasting impact on my life and business, and has been one of the biggest mentors and influencers in my life. I am truly grateful to him as a mentor as he has truly inspired me to write two books, with many more to follow down the road.”
— Doyle Buehler

“Andrew Griffiths allowed me to believe I could actually write a book and then I did. Clearly he is awesome. Andrew did this with un-bounding enthusiasm, a world of support and a proven system which I think he should call the ‘The Griffiths’ Generator.’ I will be forever grateful.”
— Dr Linda Wilson

“Andrew Griffiths, is the best author mentor in the world! From start to finish and beyond, Andrew is one of the most supportive mentors I have ever had the privilege of working with. He is so much more than author. As an accomplished businessman and well-known personality, his vast experience means you will always be in good hands when it comes to anything to do with business, speaking, marketing, books and becoming an author. No one else compares.”
— Elizabeth Campbell

“I would have never thought I would write a book but that was until I heard Andrew Griffiths speak, he straight away transported me in to the deepest part of my being my stored childhood memories, that day I was in the room with the rest of the KPI participants maybe 50 or more, but Andrew made me feel he was talking just to me!! Thanks to his commitment and mentoring over the next 6 months, Andrew made me believe that I was capable of the project : my book titled “THE INGREDIENTS of INFLUENCE” and in July 2013 in Palm Cove he gave me and my Family the immense pleasure to be there and help me launch my book.Thank you Andrew because of you I have been able to honour my ancestors and leave a legacy for my grandchildren, Grazie Mille Enza.”
— Enza Centorame

“Andrew has the rare ability of being able to break down the process of writing so that anyone in business can write their own book. His step by step process makes that bucket list goal, a reality. By following Andrew’s process it’s remarkably easier than you’d think. If you have ever wanted to, dreamed about, or ever considered writing your own book, then take the shortcut – talk to Andrew and learn how to do it the right way, first time.”
— Geoff Anderson

“Andrew’s book writing sessions are timeless. After listening to a wealth of wisdom on how to author a book, it took a few years before I was in a position to act on his advice. When I did though, I found the practical nature of his guidance just as relevant. Andrew’s input on everything from topic, title and content, to cover design, marketing and leverage, streamlined what is often a very complex process.”
— Georgia Thomas

“Andrew Griffiths is a wonderfully supportive author/mentor and is able to create magic by providing practical guidance and extremely generous emotional support throughout the entire writing process. Thank you, Andrew!”
— Jane Jackson

“If writing a book and becoming an author is on your bucket-list, you need to know all the ins-and-outs, from book pitch to book launch. Having been privileged to have Andrew as a mentor, I’ve learned and implemented all the steps so that I can now call myself an ‘author’. Don’t put it off, do it and work with Andrew to ensure you do it to the best of your ability!”
— John Broadbent

“Without question, I would not have written a book without the support, encouragement and infectious enthusiasm of Andrew Griffiths. Meeting and then working with Andrew was enough to inspire get me on the book writing bus – and I am about to send my third book to edit! It’s addictive this book writing business. My books have generated a huge amount of business and attention for Time Stylers. Andrew is a generous mentor – his knowledge of the ins and outs of writing, self publishing, and distribution is unparalleled – you seriously could not find a better guide.”
— Kate Christie

“Andrew is a book mentor extraordinaire! His knowledge and guidance around writing and publishing books is second to none. I highly recommend working with him.”
— Katie Marshall

“Before I met Andrew I was someone who only wished they could write. But with his guidance and support over the last two years, I’ve released over one hundred articles and in 2018 published my first book!”
— Lee McCaffrey Krupa

“Working with Andrew to write my book “Simple Dog Care – 7 steps to a healthy, happy dog” gave me both confidence and motivation. He assured me if I just followed the process it would happen – and it did! My book has opened a lot of doors and conversations that would have been difficult without the instant credibility the book gives me.”
— Lerida Grant

“If you told me 10 years ago I could write a book I would have laughed . My not one but three books have changed my life and I will always be grateful to Andrew for that. I smile every time I see my books posted on Social media as a must read and marvel at just how powerful a great book is. My books have helped thousands of salon owners get back on track and find the joy again in their salon business and that makes my heart sing. My passion to help the struggling hairdresser or beauty therapist was always there AG just popped it on steroids. Andrew saw qualities in me I couldn’t see and more importantly he believed in me and that was truly awesome. That man is a fair dinkim big spunk and I love him xx ”
— Lisa Conway

“I know more than 100 authors, including me, who would not have written their books without help from Andrew Griffiths. He not only provides the structure and information needed to get your book done, he also provides encouragement, support and inspiration, which are just as important.”
— Michael Hanrahan

“Andrew Griffiths is a truly inspirational coach and mentor. I am now a published author due to Andrew’s guidance, motivation and the process that he has led us through to make writing and publishing a book a reality. He is also a fun, entertaining and caring person and made the book writing and publishing process highly enjoyable. If you are thinking of writing a book then I would highly recommend Andrew as your coach.”
— Michael Williams

“I think of Andrew as the book Godfather as he was there from when my book was just a vague thought, through all of its different stages, to at the end when I produced a physical book. His expertise is second to none and he provides valuable insights and guidance at all of the different stages of writing. Creating a book is a challenging yet worthwhile journey . Andrew’s years of experience and wisdom supported me and many others in our group to synthesise our expertise into very successful award winning books. I highly recommend Andrew as a book coach and mentor to work with you on your book.”
— Michele Gennoe

“Starting out to write a book was a daunting task. The first major hurdle was the thought in my head “Who am I to write this book?” Andrew negating this immediately with the powerful response “Who are you not to?” which struck a strong chord with me. From that moment on the belief, I brought to my writing was immense, backed up by the expertise from AG on piecing all of my ideas together. It may of happened without him, but to a standard of about 50% of the result.”
— Mike Campbell

“Andrew helped me write my book in 2013. He is such a caring, honest person and even now my confidence in writing a second book is very high. I would recommend him to anyone looking to write a book”.
— Obu Ramanj

“Andrew made my book possible – it is that simple. He also made it possible to write the best book I was capable of – and I am very happy with the outcome, and the reviews were fantastic too.”
— Pete Newman

“I did not realise until I went through Andrew’s “ Publish, write a book in 30 days program” that I had a passion and a love of writing. Importantly the discovery of being able to call myself an Author… I realised this connection took me back to a rich inner place that I had accessed as a Professional Flautist and for many years at The Australian Ballet. I had rediscovered my “reason to be” in my Creative world leading to a rich version of my Voice.I love writing, and thanks to Andrew this is one of my most important daily routines of the Creating Encores Peak Performance Coaching world. I still remember the day you said I had a natural talent for writing. I had returned to my reason to be. Thank you Andrew, you are a genuine, caring, inspiring and knowledgable teacher. A shining star in the galaxy.
— Sally Arnold

“Andrew is a fabulous coach for aspiring authors, he keeps people on track, inspiring them with his own experience and the experience of the hundreds of other authors he has coached!”
— Sarah Bartholomeusz

“Andrew made it easy to write a book. That’s saying a lot because it would have been another unfinished project if his advice hadn’t been there at every stage, from concept to publication. And I know what to do for my next book too, which is a bonus.”
— Sarah McCrum

“If there was only one word in the English language to describe Andrew Griffiths, it would be this one – Extraordinary.
As my book coach, Andrew seemed to know how I was feeling every step of the way. Writing a book isn’t easy and yet Andrew’s method breaks down the insurmountable into bite-sized actions that always made me feel as though I’d eventually achieve my goal. And I did. 5,000 books printed so far and many more sold via Amazon. Crazily, I’m now writing book two with thanks to the extraordinary Andrew.”
— Soozey Johnstone

“Thank you so much, Andrew Griffiths, for your unending support and mentorship in bringing my book to life. Others have tried but only Andrew Griffiths has succeeded in supporting and guiding me to extract this very special and personal book from within me. Andrew has a unique gift in making you believe you can do it and then all of his years of experience show you the how. I’m so grateful to Andrew for the difference he has made in my life, but also the difference this book can make in the lives of others. It wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for him.”
— Tegan Matthews

“I had a pivotal coaching moment when I explained to Andrew Griffiths the core message of the book I was writing and he said: “It must be called The Mentor Within”. Months of wrangling with the material and writing and rewriting my draft stopped right there. From that moment I was able to put everything he had taught me in his publish training and in the time he had mentored me into practice. The words flowed, the edits were easy, and the book was birthed with its own voice. Without Andrew’s encouragement, I reckon I’d still be creating drafts of yet to be published books. Instead, I am an author. And I continue to write. “
— Rosemary Shapiro-Liu

“Andrew is a world-class book mentor. He ensured that my book, Marketing to Mums, could sit alongside anything well-known publisher might put out and not look out of place. Whilst it was confronting and challenging writing and self-publishing a book, Andrew always had a clear process for me to follow. I was very proud when my book went #1 on Booktopia’s Business bestseller list. Thank you Andrew for your support.”
— Katrina McCarter

“Andrew Griffiths is the primary reason I am a published author. His depth of knowledge and personal experience removed any feelings of overwhelm from the process. Andrew’s guidance, genuine care, interest and ability to motivate have resulted in me being able to help many hundreds of Australian families experience the benefits of fresh food. I am very grateful to have received his support and input to a book I am very proud to have authored. Thank you Andrew. “
— Kyrstie Barcak

“Andrew is an amazing bloke and I couldn’t recommend him highly enough. He has been instrumental to many of my great successes from speaking on a TEDx stage to authoring and publishing my book – Authority Content. His depth of knowledge, ability to teach and genuine care are second to none. If you get the opportunity to work with him, do it now and thank me later!”
— David Jenyns

“They say everyone’s got a book inside them…it’s getting the book out that proves the tricky part! Andrew Griffiths has the midas touch when it comes to helping authors bring their books to life. He breaks down a seemingly insurmountable task into bite sized chunks, providing, guidance, support and accountability at every step of the journey. Becoming an Amazon bestselling author had a profound impact on my life and my business and I have Andrew to thank for that.”
— Cian McLoughlin

“Publishing a book was one of the most rewarding things that I have done in my life. Andrew was able to give me clear and concise plan that drew my book out of my head and onto paper. Using his framework, I was able to share my message in a coherent and meaningful way – he really brought my dream of becoming an author to life. If you ever have the opportunity to get Andrews help in writing your book I wouldn’t pass it up.”
— Katherine Maslen

“They say that everyone has a book in them but how many of us have extracted it to the point of being able to hold it in our hands? Well thanks to the guidance of Andrew Griffiths I am able to say I am one of those. I am not going to say it was easy because it was far from easy however it was made a whole lot less painful with the advice and experience of Andrew. His unrivalled knowledge of the planning, writing and distribution of books is second to none and my business is flourishing as a result. Being able to head into a meeting with the ability to hand over a book sets me apart as the industry thought leader and it instantly sets me as the authority in the room. All of this would not have happened without the nurturing and occasionally brutally honest encouragement from Andrew Griffiths.”
— Tim Heinecke

“I knew that I wanted to write a book to differentiate myself from my peers, but I had absolutely no idea where to start. Andrew has a framework that chunked the process down into manageable steps that made the process smooth and easy to complete. During all his presentations, he not only provides awesome content, but he also has a passion for writing that shines through and you can’t help but get caught up with his boundless energy and enthusiasm and before you know it you’ve written a book.”
— Amanda Fisher

“Andrew Griffiths believes there is a book in everybody, and he is undoubtedly the best person to get it out. Thanks to Andrew I am the author of two books with a third on the way. His methodology, frameworks, enthusiasm, experience and deep subject matter expertise makes writing your first book (and subsequent books) fun and almost easy. Having recently attended one of Andrew’s Bali retreats, I can assure you that along with receiving generously delivered content, you’ll also have a heap of fun.”
— Tracy Angwin

“Andrew, I would not be an author without you. I never believed that I had it in me and for this and so much more, I will always be incredibly grateful.”
— Natasha Hawker

“Ok, so I wanted to write a book, I knew that much. I did know I wanted to compose my piece, make my mark…whereas what to write about, how to write it and how to get it published – now therein lays the problem.
 What I didn’t know about the `writers route`, is what Andrew Griffiths knows best – better than most. The what, the how and the who, is where AG shines, this is his space. Knowing he had my back all the way through the `minefield of writers process` was reassuring and a comfort… he was calm, patient, pushy, a counsellor and determined (he even offered the odd hug when required) for that I thank him.”
— Dean Hawkins

“Andrew Griffiths is my guiding light when it comes to being an entrepreneur. He motivates, inspires and leads by example. Most importantly, I am an author today because of Andrew, his process and his commitment to getting my best work out of me. Thank you Andrew. I will forever be in your debt. Because of you, I am an author.”
— Ronsley Vaz

“Who would have thought I had a book in me?… Certainly not I, yet Andrew was able to help me see the value in the everyday things that I do and take for granted, and then show me the framework for turning my experience into a book. He helped me to break it down into manageable, bit sized chunks and also provided advice around cover design and publishing. I cannot speak highly enough of both Andrews support and the results the published book has had on my business. Thank you so much Andrew!”
— Adam Hobill

“Andrew Griffiths I am indebted to you for you kindness and your inspiring and motivational guidance, that saw me get through numerous episodes of writers block. The fact that you have made yourself accesible to reach out for help has made this process of writing this book easier and a lot of fun and for that I am extremely thankful for.”
— Dr Irene Prantalos

“A big thank you to those who helped turn this book into a reality especially Andrew Griffiths, my book mentor, for helping me pull out all of that information rolling around in my head and put it into the framework that became this book. Your encouragement got me through the tough times and really helped me finish this book writing journey.”
— Elizabeth Gillam

“Thank you to the extremely gracious, caring and intelligent (multiple) best selling small business author and book writing mentor Andrew Griffiths. Without his enthusiasm, encouragement and genuine desire to help this book would of been ten times harder to complete, if at all.”
— Jason Wier

“A big thank you for your guidance, energy and endless willingness to give your time. What an amazing journey so far! Can’t wait for the next bit.”
— Jen Dugard

“How lucky am I to have Andrew, Australia’s number one small business author in my book writing camp. I definitely would not have been able to put this book together without the valuable input and assistance I received from Andrew. He has been one of my solid rocks and I can’t thank him enough for his love and generosity throughout this writing process.”
— Kylie Bartlett

“To Andrew, the coach- the first day I spent with you, you put me at ease and 100% made me realise “I can do this”. Thank you so much for your book writing system.”
— Mike Campbell

“Andrew is such a wonderful writing coach. His complete understanding of the writing journey and its challenges, combined with his lovely personality and sense of humour, made the writing process not only achievable, but an experience I will always remember with fondness.”
— Miriam Sandkuhler

“This book would simply not have been possible if I didn’t have the direction and inspiration from a real powerhouse in the Australian publishing industry who, as a successful author himself, has provided the framework, guidelines and focus I needed to get the job of writing and publishing this book done. Thank you Andrew Griffiths, I owe you.”
— Mitchell Filby

“I thought I’d breeze through the writing course. After all, I’d already written my book. I just needed some help to polish it. Then Andrew applied his considerable experience. And I realised I’d written the wrong book – the style just wasn’t right for my business. So, with Andrew’s guidance, I re-wrote my book. And now I not only have a book of which I’m proud, but one that’s well-tailored to my business. Thank goodness I attended Andrew’s course.”
— Paul Henderson

“To Andrew Griffiths who is one of the most inspiring, friendly and sharing human beings that I have ever encountered. Without your guidance I could never have written this book.”
— Philip Horan

“Andrew Griffiths thank you for laughing at me the first time I met you when I said I had nothing to write about. You inspire and light up every person you touch.”
— Sarah Hunstead

“I was fortunate indeed to have the insights, encouragement and good humour of respected author Andrew Griffiths. Andrew you are an outstanding inspiration to many authors.”
— Scott Charlton

“Special mention goes to Andrew Griffiths, writer extraordinare. Not only are you a prolific author, you are a giving teacher who thinks nothing of getting up at the crack of dawn to show us how to spin amazing stories from confusion and mess. Thank you, Andrew”
— Sharon Billingham

“Writing my book was one of the best business decisions I’ve made in years, and I literally couldn’t have done it without the guidance from Andrew. His knowledge and experience, not to mention his framework for how to put a book together, was invaluable!”
— Josh Masters

“Dear Andrew, a big thank you for your guidance whilst writing this book. I never thought writing a book was possible, until I met you.”
— Caroline Kennedy

“Before I began writing my book I felt completely overwhelmed at the thought, I guess like most people but Andrew said two things which gave me some confidence and encouragement. He said “Everyone has a book in them waiting to be birthed” and “Get the book done in 40 days at around 1000 words per day. Both those phrases gave me the drive to get it done as I came to believe in myself, all thanks for Andrew. Andrew gave me a great feedback early on and since writing the book has given me amazing tips on how to leverage the book. In fact, that’s been the third most important phrase of his “Now that you have the book, make sure you leverage it”
A massive thank you Andrew Griffiths.”
— Ziggy Peter

“I had always dreamt of writing a book, but it felt impossible until I met Andrew Griffiths. His program taught me how accessible writing a book actually is, and within 12 months I had written not 1 but 3 books! He is great at what he does, the true epitome of a writing coach and provides excellent advice when it’s required. Without Andrew, my books would still be just a dream. Thank you Andrew for helping to make my dreams a reality and for having a profound impact on my life and career.”
— Rebecca Coomes

“AG is the bomb. A steady and inspiring guide that provided a rich framework for writing a compelling book. He also gets that it isn’t the book but leveraging the book that counts. My book is now an Amazon bestseller and in stores around the country. It opens so many rich discussions with clients and people I never dreamed of meeting. None of this would have happened without AG and I recommend him for anyone who wants to nail a book.”
— Greg Layton

“I had never thought that I would write a book until I met Andrew. From first seeing him on stage, through the seminars and webinars he gave I felt supported, guided and in safe and capable hands throughout the book writing process. But the real essence to Andrew isn’t just in his knowledge of book writing it is his personality and generosity. I am really am not sure if I have ever met a nicer, more genuine and caring person, who takes pride in his work and cares so deeply about everyone he works with. I cannot rate Andrew more highly – Carolyn S Dean, authour of Fully Booked – Dental marketing secrets for a full appointment book’
— Carolyn S Dean

“When we think of writing a book, most of us can’t get past the thought of the blank page. Andrew breaks through this fear by providing you with a process & individual building blocks that will help you discover your unique story, along with bringing to play his own irrepressible enthusiasm that has even the most uncertain stepping into their author boots”.
— Peita Diamantidis

“This book would not exist without Andrew Griffiths. When I sent him my first pitch we agreed that wasn’t really the book I wanted, nor needed to write! Book Pitch Take 2 was the early draft of what became this book. It takes time, energy and commitment to write a really good book. Without Andrew’s expertise, encouragement and unwavering support I wouldn’t be able to call myself an author! Thank You for what you do!”
— Ingrid Thompson

“My book, How to Thrive under the NDIS, would never have been written without Andrew’s encouragement and support. I am proud to say it is now in its 6th reprint and the response from my readers has been overwhelming.”
— Fran Connelley

“Without Andrew Griffiths I would not have written my book which became an Amazon #1 bestseller and changed the lives of thousands of women. Andrew not only is a gifted writer, he is a fantastic mentor and an amazing human being. I have also attended Andrew’s workshops on how to build a business around speaking and I still use the valuable information that he shared. Whether you want to write a book, or build a business around speaking Andrew Griffiths is the person to work with.”
— Angela Counsel

“Andrews desire to help entrepreneurs articulate their passion through books and public speaking is second to none. I had the honour of working with Andrew for several years through Key Person of Influence and and it was an absolute pleasure at all times. I have never met anyone that has the ability to deliver so much value to so many people in a way that each and every person feels like they are the only person in Andrew’s life. To this day I question whether he uses twins or stunt doubles to achieve all that he does. There is no greater skill for entrepreneurs than their ability to effectively communicate their ideas. If you want to be the best, work with the best. Andrew will not only bring out the best in you, but you will enjoy every second of the process.”
— Callum Laing

“I am grateful to Andrew Griffiths for his encouragement and mentoring. Without his influence I would not be the author of my gorgeous book Stork Talk – delivering strategies for your Ideal Birth. I just ran with Andrew’s belief in me and trusted the process he shared and it worked. He is a remarkable communicator and shares generously his keys to success with excitement, humour and passion. I can’t thank you enough Andrew. ”
— Cheryl Sheriff

“Andrew Griffiths gave me the confidence and techniques to write my first book. This book has paved the way to numerous industry awards and business opportunities for me. I owe a debt of gratitude to the big hearted man they call “AG”
— Andrew Mackie-Smith

“Andrew Griffiths is nothing short of incredible when it comes to helping to author a book. Strategic, well thought out, and manageable, Andrew makes the book writing process a breeze. His enthusiasm is infectious, his process flawless, and the results speak for themselves. I never thought I’d become an author, and thanks to Andrew, I now am.”
— Kevin Spiteri

“We hear the quote “There is a book inside of everyone”. It sounded unbelievable, but Andrew not only found a book inside me, but inspired me to take my business to the next level. When you meet him you will instantly understand the connection and passion Andrew has for everyone who wishes to write a book and share their knowledge and experience with the world. Thank you so much.”
— Master Paul Mitchell

“If it wasn’t for Andrew Griffiths relentlessly hitting me over the head with his frameworks I wouldn’t have even known where to start. By following AG’s advice I ended up with a super professional book that got to #1 best selling book on Amazon Australia.”
— Finn Peacock

“Andrew made the impossible, possible. I thought only people that are driven to write and have mastery over the english language could write a book. Well it seems that Andrew can make an author of anyone, including me. “The Landlord Mindset” would never have happened if not for Andrew. ”
— George Astudillo

“Andrew Griffiths who epitomises ‘gentleman’ is one of the most humble, amiable and giving people I have ever met. His generosity with his time, knowledge and wisdom is boundless. His expertise and advice for novice authors is priceless. I could not recommend this unique human more highly. It has been one of my life pleasures to make his acquaintance.”
— Anne holland

“You made writing a book possible. Thank you for your step by step guide; it made something complex easy to achieve. I literally couldn’t have done it without you.”
— Gill McLaren

“Without Andrew’s guidance, advice, never ending support, and book writing framework; my books wouldn’t have been written. I always thought of myself as a Speaker who occasionally wrote articles. Now I truly embrace the title of Author because not only is the proof on my bookshelf, but Andrew chose me as one of his Founding Contributors for Smallville which confirms I can actually string a sentence or two together in the written word, and I’m very grateful for that.”

— Tamara Simon


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